Take a Tour of our “Crawls” Tacos on the Mondo Menu!


At Mondo Taco, we believe that the tortilla makes the perfect base for the wonderful flavors found around the world!  Whether you’re craving some southern comfort or an international experience in Thailand, we’ve got you covered.  We want to take you on a tour through the “crawls” flavors on our menu! Here are some of our favorite meat tacos at Mondo Taco:

Angry Chicken

chicken taco

If you’re looking for a fiery favorite, then give the Angry Chicken a try!  This delicious taco comes with crispy chicken, blue cheese and of course hot sauce for a little kick!

Beef Eater

beef taco

If you need a little beef in your life then order the Beef Eater.  It’s stuffed with braised short rib and horseradish slaw.  Beware, this one has a little spice to it, you’ve been warned!

Deep South BBQ Chicken

chicken taco

Are you looking for some southern-style comfort food? We’ve got you covered with the Deep South BBQ Chicken.  This one’s got shredded chicken, bbq sauce and crispy onions for some added flavor.

Yo Adrian

rib eye taco

Are you Rocky Balboa or just a rib eye lover? Then the Yo Adrian is your taco! This one is stuffed to the brim with rib eye, grilled peppers, onions & mushrooms and a little provolone cheese to give it some Philadelphia flare.

New Yawker

hot dog taco

Are you a lover of all things New York?  The New Yawker is screaming your name! It’s a Hebrew national hot dog wrapped in a corn tortilla. This is a favorite among Mondo Taco fanatics.

The Baker

brunch taco

If you’re brunching with us then give The Baker a try.  It’s made with grilled mashed potatoes, grilled peppers, bacon, sour cream and salsa verde. **Available at brunch only.


Remember, all of these delicious flavors are available as a wrap (like a burrito), in a bowl, or dino-style (wrapped in a cabbage leaf)!  **Wraps and dino-style are just 50 cents more.

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