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At Mondo Taco, we live every day like it is #TacoTuesday. Make sure you join us on our never-ending taco quest to eat them all! Our tacos inspired by cuisines across the globe will always leave you wanting more. Follow our “Taco Of The Month” spotlights to celebrate your favorite flavors and learn all about our new taco stars!

Without further ado, we are proud to present March’s mouth-watering “Taco of the Month” – Pesto Prawns!

Inspiration Behind The Taco

Originating in Genoa, Italy, pesto is an incredibly flavorful and traditional sauce of pine nuts, basil, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil blend. We just knew the pesto and prawn combination would be a scrumptious hit!


  • Extra large grilled black tiger prawns
  • Pesto sauce
  • Diced Roma tomatoes

Why We Love It

Because of its rich and decadent flavor, pesto perfectly complements the flavors of our extra large grilled black tiger prawns. Pesto’s creamy and aromatic taste brings out the inner sweetness of our black tiger prawns. Sprinkled with diced Roma tomatoes and served on our delectable homemade tortillas, the Pesto Prawns is delizioso!

Prepare your taste buds for an incredible Pesto Prawns flavor journey. Order one for now, and one for after. Your stomach will thank you. For quality, flavor, and real value, try our Pesto Prawns gem in a bowl over rice and cabbage.

With more than 30 different tacos from across the globe, we bet you can’t eat just one! For our vegan and vegetarian friends, we are proud to present delicious vegetarian and vegan options. For our gluten-intolerant friends, we offer all of our tacos “dino-style” with a tasty cabbage leaf wrap option. If you’re hungry for a little more, order your favorite flavors in a wrap or bowl.


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