Mondo Taco Reviews


“I’m very excited to have this great place in my neighborhood! Great food and the owner is a very nice guy. I particularly love the crispy fish taco and the tempura shrimp + avocado taco.  Hand made tortillas. Hot and delicious.  Can’t recommend it enough. I will going back to try all the different kinds.”
Trey E.
Los Angeles, CA

“Just ate there.  Cool staff, great food.  The Angry Chicken taco is excellent.”
John A.
West Hollywood, CA
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“Mondo Taco provides a more contemporary take on tacos than what you would find at the corner of your local neighborhood in LA. Their tacos travel around the world meaning they do flavors like Italian to a further leap like Indian.” Read More>





“Now this is how you Taco Tuesday”  Lindsey of A Life With Peace Read More>

Santa Monica Tacos



“Mondo taco is awesome . . . It’s different, Mondo Taco’s goal is to create unique flavors from around the world, and I’d say they succeed greatly at it.”
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Santa Monica Tacos



“There seems to be a bit of a new trend to apply ‘Californication’ to just about any food type . . . Mondo Taco is one of several places trying this on the taco. Nothing wrong with that, as the taco is just a form of open faced sandwich”
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Bun Boy

“Mondo Taco is another one of those places who’s menu I become obsessed with. ‘Must bring lots of friends, must try every taco.’ ”
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Thrill List

“The craziest taco joint in Los Angeles. Period.” The good press keeps coming in! Check out the full write-up on Thrillist!

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Grub Street

“Mondo Taco Wraps The World In a Tortilla, Now Open in Mid-City”
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On July 23, Sam Spector, previously of The Culver Hotel, opened Mondo Taco in the former home to Little Kitchen on La Brea near San Vicente …

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Mondo Taco Mind Blowing

I will tell you the fillings, you will drool. I will tell you the prices, you will smile. I will tell you about the tortilla they are wrapped in and you will be driving over to Mondo Taco at LaBrea and San Vicente as fast as I did.

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Mondo Taco serves up huge international flavors in Los Angeles, CA

The taco, not only a Mexican food culture staple, has now become a vehicle to serve foods and flavors not necessarily associated with Mexican cuisine. Sam Spector saw this possibility to showcase international cuisine that would tempt the taste buds of hungry foodies.

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Veggie 101

Restaurant Review: Mondo Taco

I swear, hole-in-the-wall restaurants always have the best food. And that is in no way meant to be offensive to Mondo Taco, a newly discovered spot(thanks toBlackboard Eats) in the Miracle Mile/La Brea area, where the gourmet taco varieties are damn near endless.

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LA Taco

Mondo Taco ~ Mid City

Mondo Taco (1292 S. La Brea Ave.) is not trying to be an authentic taqueria. The goal here is to make lots and lots of different kinds of tacos using every possible ingredient from shrimp to soyrizo, creating a menu of over 40 tacos with weekly and daily specials in case that isn’t enough.
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Park Labrea News

Mondo Taco: A World of Flavor Under One Roof

I’ve passed Mondo Taco while driving along La Brea Avenue near San Vicente Boulevard, and when a colleague told me that it’s a hidden gem where some of the best tacos in town are made, I decided to stop and taste for myself.
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A Treasure Trove of Tacos

To call Mondo Taco a “hidden gem” would be cliché — unless it’s the type of gem those Disney dwarfs are always mining, where the facets have all been perfectly cut and polished before ever being dislodged from the cave wall.
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Southern California Homes

Mondo Taco: One Great Taco at a Time

After spending thirty years in the hospitality business, Sam Spector wanted to do something a little different. While he enjoyed managing and guiding others in their business growth, he wanted to take the reins himself- and the inventive Mondo Taco was born. “I wanted to create a dining experience where people could have a variety of options in a fun casual atmosphere
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