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Santa Monica’s Favorite Tacos

If you love tacos as much as you love international cuisine, now you can have both! We at Mondo Taco concluded that the tortilla would make a great base for many of the wonderful flavors you might find throughout the world. Start with our homemade corn/flour tortilla (also homemade gluten free and paleo options available) and choose from over 30 original recipes. But why stop there? We also offer these great tastes as a wrap in a flour or wheat tortilla, or in a bowl, either way with your choice of base including our unique rice recipe, crispy cabbage and quinoa, too! Come try our signature meat, seafood and vegetarian offerings. Feel like Thai for lunch? Or an Indian dinner? How about Cajun? Italian? Japanese? You choose, because at Mondo Taco, it’s…
Tacos Gone Wild
Santa Monica's Home Made Tortilla

Come enjoy your meal on our patio with a craft beer or signature MondoRita. We’ll see you here!