Mondo Taco: The Boss of the Hot Sauce

Santa Monica Hot Sauce

Q: Who’s got the hottest taco salsa in LA County?
A: Mondo Taco in Santa Monica. Guaranteed.

Hottest Hot Sauce

Mondo Taco has made an epic deal with a local organic farm to purchase their entire yield of heirloom grown Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Ghost Peppers. The result? A fiery and tasty salsa called The Meltdown. It’s without a doubt the hottest homemade salsa in town.

Also available (and taking it down just a tad) are two other super-hot salsas: The Inferno, made from Red Caribbean and Chocolate Habaneros, cut with grilled onions and tomatoes; and the ridiculously hot Freakin’ Sauce, made with Red Caribbean habaneros, Chocolate Habaneros, and Datil Peppers. Both are organically grown from heirloom peppers.

The Boss of Hot Sauce

All three salsas are available in 1 oz. and 8 oz. portions and meld perfectly with our incredible tacos. Get these salsas for a limited time as these heirloom peppers are seasonal. So take the hot sauce challenge and get some while you can, but ONLY if you can take the heat!

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